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How to encourage your baby to smile

When your baby smiles for the first time and not as a reflex, it means his vision has matured because new borns are near sighted and can only see up to a certain distance. Your baby probably now has cognitive recognition to the point that he can recognize and acknowledge the people and inanimate items that he adores and likes.  

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However, if your baby is not smiling, keep in mind that they are small human beings with their own temperaments and there is nothing to worry about. Your child may be the type who prefers not to smile too much and this may change as they mature, but for the time being, this is who they are.

Here are ways you can trigger your baby to smile

1 You should get up close and personal with your new born because he or she is near sighted. Be dramatic and over-the-top so he can figure out what you're up to in order to see that little smile, and talk to him all the time to express how much you adore his smiles.

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2 Babies rely on sound to determine what is going on and what is good or harmful. So, talk to your infant and allow him to imitate your actions. Your grin should be big and bold so he can see it and return the smile.

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3 Engage your baby with toys and games since he will most likely smile when he sees them. Peekaboo may make you feel stupid, but this will make the baby surprised and delighted by it. Introduce him to new toys that produce sounds he enjoys.

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4 Tickle your baby or blow raspberries on his belly to persuade him to move.

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