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30 Crazy Things Children do (Photos)

Children are truly a blessing from God and should be cherished, It doesn't end in just giving birth to a child, training the child is probably one of the most difficult things to do.

As a toddler you are bound to do crazy things, at that point, your brain is not meant for thinking, you just act regardless of the outcome and that's what children do.

You really can't blame them because we all did the same at one point or the other while growing up. I could still remember when I poured a pot of egusi soup all over my body while trying to bring it down, the funny thing is that nobody sent me to bring it down! So it's just part of growing up.

Below are 30 crazy things children do.

So he dicides to bath himself.

When your child whats to become the next spider man. Lol.

Thats a pillow cotton scattered around!

How did his head enter it in the first place! Lol.

When your child decides it is time for you to get another laptop.

Such innocence though.Sometimes you can't even imagine how they got there.

He really wants to find out if there is a life chick in any of them. Lol.

When your children is seeing you like a board.

When your child has watched "Snake in the monkeys shadow"

That look though.

That serious face though, like she really knows what she is doing.

And the child decides to cut off all the heads she can see on the money! Lol. I just home it's not someone's life savings.

There is something special about sitting this way.

Is that cream or chocolate? I just hope it's chocolate.

He wants the raw one. Lol

When Jet Li is his mentor, you shouldn't expect less.


Lol. If enjoyed them please share your own memory with us just for fun.

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