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Pregnancy period

How to get rid of baby hiccups

A case of hiccups in a baby is quite normal. Some kids even have hiccups before they're born, beginning around month 6 of your pregnancy, when your baby's lungs begin to mature. If you've ever had regular tiny spasms in your abdomen during pregnancy, they were likely hiccups.

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As an adult, you probably know a dozen "fixes" for hiccups, but these tactics won't work on your baby. Giving water, for example, might be dangerous for new borns under 6 months old. 

Here are a few strategies you can try if your kid gets hiccups more frequently during nursing or bottle-feeding

1 Back Massage

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 Massage your baby's back when he or she is upright. This will relieve the strain in his diaphragm muscles, allowing him to breathe more easily.

2 Allow the hiccups to subside on their own

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Almost always, your baby's hiccups will go away on their own after the causes are removed. If your baby does not appear to be stressed by the hiccups, you should leave him alone and the hiccups will eventually stop on their own. However, if they last for several hours or days, see your doctor.

3 Change your routine

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If your baby has a lot of hiccups, consider giving him smaller quantities at more regular intervals to keep him from swallowing as much air during each meal.

4 Burp more frequently

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Burp your infant more regularly if you're bottle-feeding. This will allow your baby to get rid of air swallowed during feeding.

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