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Pregnancy period

What Every Mother Needs to Know Before Having a Second Child

During pregnancy, your uterus must swell 500 times its original size in 9 months and then contract back to its original dimensions. It's not as if the brain is unaffected during pregnancy; many women report memory loss and confusion. Even still, many of us are willing to go through the procedure again, perhaps even a third time. But keep in mind that each pregnancy is unique, and the second is even more so.

Bright Side put together a comparison chart of your second and first pregnancy. Remember that every pregnancy is different.

1. Second pregnancies can cause you to be more exhausted. 

Do you recall how active you were throughout your first pregnancy? Your lover, friends, and family lavished you with attention during this wonderful time in your life. You may not have as much time for yourself as you had previously because you are already caring for your first child during your second pregnancy.

Furthermore, your body is being bombarded with progesterone, which is preparing your body for all of the physical changes that come with labour and delivery. Because fatigue is a side effect of this hormone, the second time you take it, you may feel more exhausted.

2. You'll become more aware of the baby's movements.

In first-time pregnancies, quickening refers to the baby's initial movements, which you may notice between the sixteenth and twenty-fifth weeks. Because you are already accustomed with how they feel, you can feel the baby's movements as early as 13 weeks in the second trimester. 

3. The bump may appear and grow larger sooner than expected. 

Many women who are pregnant for the first time see baby bumps in the second trimester, and you don't normally show for the first three months. During a second or subsequent pregnancy, however, the bulge occurs earlier.

According to specialists, this is because the abdominal muscles have stretched a little and may not have recovered to their original size. As a result, it's more difficult to hide a second pregnancy than it is to hide the first. This may also result in more stretch marks. 

4. Morning sickness can be completely absent or extremely severe. 

Morning sickness is unpredictably unpredictable, and your second pregnancy may not be the same as your first. 

5. Food aversions may be reduced. 

You might also notice that your food cravings or aversions aren't as strong as they were with your first pregnancy. On the other hand, you can develop new food aversions or urges.


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