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Pregnancy period

4 Reasons Why Pregnant Women Should Include Garden Egg In Their Daily Diet.


A Garden egg is a vegetable that looks like an egg or we know as an eggplant. Garden is known all over the world for its amazing health benefits.

Due to its numerous benefits, we can see that garden eggs are beneficial for our overall health and specifically for pregnancy. That is why in this article, I will be talking about the health benefits of a garden egg during pregnancy

1. It may help prevent anemia

Garden egg is enriched with vitamins and minerals. Some of the minerals like copper and iron from garden eggs are very useful for pregnant mothers. Copper and iron are essential during red blood cell formation. Therefore, it is very good for those with anemia. As we know, anemia is one factor linked with every pregnant woman.


2. It can help control blood pressure

Do you notice that headache is also one of the common complaints from pregnant women? That is why pregnant women need an intake of potassium. Well, the potassium from this vegetable is sufficient to control blood pressure and further prevent headaches in pregnant ladies. They can also take dried and shredded garden egg peel regularly before meals to get rid of hypertension.


3. It can help to improve the immune system

Garden egg is can help improve the immune system. This is because it contains anti-bacterial properties. The perfect way to enjoy the health benefits of garden eggs is by regularly drinking fresh garden egg juice as it also contains a high level of vitamin C.


4. It can help to strengthen bones

Garden egg is rich in phosphorus and calcium that can help strengthen bones and so recommended by experts during pregnancy. However, it is only required of the mother to have strong bones because it will support the extra weight required during that period. So, to get strong bones, women should carefully choose the best diet to provide them with the needed nutrition.


Please note that an overripe garden egg is not good for pregnant women because it produces some kind of toxins call solanine that may cause some digestive problems such as cramps, stomach upset, diarrhea, and vomiting.

So after carefully reading through it, what do you think about this? Please do well to drop your answers and share your opinion in the comment section below let's discuss.

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