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How Instilling Fears In Your Children Can Adversely Affect Them Psychologically

When it comes to raising a child, majority of people who grew up with their parents in African part of the world may tell you that their experience as a child was bad. Some others will praise their parents for that hard punishment that shaped their lives. However you were treated as a child by your parents, there are some parents who go too far in instilling discipline in their children. This has to be discouraged.

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To start with, a lot of people will argue that hitting a child by its parent is child abuse. Some will see it as a normal African way of raising children, particularly, in Nigeria. Well, I may not say for sure if hitting a child as a punishment or as a correction for what it did is child abuse, but I can tell you that when it becomes consistent or excess, it becomes a violence that must be stopped.

The sad thing is that some parents don't know the effect of what they are doing to their children. Hitting your children, instilling fears in them and grounding them so that they remain in the house have effects on them, especially psychologically.

According to science, early exposure to violence that instills fear and other circumstances in children can result to long term consequences, which affects the brain by disrupting its development architecture.

Every child has one fear or the other. Majority of these fears are normal, even though they affect them psychologically, some of them are just for a short term, while others are prolonged.

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Every child has fear of the dark, fear of the ghost and strangers. These fears are normal and common. But any additional fear can trigger an abnormality on how a child learns, thinks, behaves, relates with others and do things. These are the psychological problem spoken of.

Physically abusing a child by flogging, hitting or even abusing it verbally can change or affect its mental health.

Obviously, everyone wants the best for their children. Even the society wants the best for every family because, if a child is raised well or badly, it will definitely affect the society.

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In Africa, most parents don't tolerate bad behaviour from any of their children. They believe in good conduct, discipline and obedience. That is why no child is believed to be more powerful than their parents. They must remain loyal, humble and disciplined as long as their parents and the society at large is concerned.

In as much as this is applaudable, excess of it should be condemned.

There is a huge line between disciplining a child and maltreating a child. By disciplining a child, we mean correcting a child to do better. But when you go out of your ways to inflict injuries on the child, you are no longer disciplining the child, rather, you are maltreating it.

Maltreating a child instills unnecessary fears in it. Verbally abusing a child like throwing curses on a child builds unwanted fears in it. The child may grow up with this psychological disorder you created in it. This will affect it in various aspects of its life when it becomes an adult.

Please, treat your children with love. Make them understand that they have reasons to live. Give them hope. Show them love and correct them with love when they are wrong.

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