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Pregnancy period

Avoid These 3 Foods If You Are Trying to Get Pregnant For Better Fertility Rate

Fertility is paramount and highly important, not just for the continuation of a person's legacy but also for the sustenance of the union. There are various factors that can in one way or the other impact fertility rate of a woman including diet. But what are these foods that are considered unhealthy for a woman trying to get pregnant?

In this article, we are going to have a look at some of that should be avoided by anyone trying to get pregnant for better fertility rate. If you are trying to get pregnant, ensure you don't consume these set of foods or even if you must, ensure you don't consume them excessively. Just sit tight and enjoy while learning something new.

What Are The Foods You Should Avoid When Trying to Get Pregnant?

1. Sweetened Beverages or Drinks; this is one thing you should stop or at least cut down on significantly for the sake of not only your health but also you fertility. Research has proven that high intake of beverages can come in conflict with a woman's ability to give rise to young ones. It is therefore considered an unhealthy choice for women who are trying to get pregnant.

2. Red And Processed Meats; research suggests that a high consumption of red and processed meats such as beef, hot dog, sausages are dietary contributions to fertility issues amongst not just women but also men. In a study conducted, it was uncovered that men who consumed more red meats and processed meats had less sperm count, motility and health generally. It is also unhealthy and detrimental to the course of any woman trying to get pregnant.

3. Baked Foods; things like pastries, cakes, donuts etc that are either baked or fried with margarine should not be taken by any woman trying to get pregnant. Reason being that such things contain trans fat and this fat is responsible for lower fertility outcome in women.

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Source: Healthline

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