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Pregnancy period

Why You Should Always Eat African Star Apple (Agbalumo) When You Are Pregnant

African Star Apple otherwise called Udara in the Igbo Speaking Territories of Nigeria, Agbalumo in Yoruba and Chiwo in Hausa is an invaluable fruit in Nigeria. It id a seasonal fruit that is hugely consumed by African countries including Nigeria.

Aside from being a fruit often eaten as snack or just for enjoyment purposes in most african countries, it also comes with numerous health benefits. It is one of the fruits that have the most healthy contents that both aids the health of our teeth, contains vitamin C and much more. It is also a very tasteful fruit that contains acidic taste. The question however is, why is it important for Pregnant women?

Like I said, Agbalumo contains acidic taste and this acidity prevents most pregnant women from vomiting. As we all know, pregnancy is a very cumbersome stage of life for women, they often feel the urge to vomit and also spit at all times. But if you are privileged to purchase the African Star Apple, then you should count yourself lucky. Constantly leaking the fruit has no negative effect on you nor your unborn baby, it will just prevent you from feeling the urge to vomit.

So if you have a pregnant wife, help her pass this difficult stage in her by purchasing enough African Star Apple for her to consume and if you are a pregnant woman reading this article, then I suggest you purchase the fruit.

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