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Exercises that help manage postpartum diastasis recti

Photo Credit: FirstCry

During pregnancy, the uterus stimulates the muscles in the abdomen to expand on either side in other to accommodate the growing fetus. The muscles of the belly separate as a result of this stress which causes the muscles to lose their form resulting in a gap in the center of the abdomen.

Here are exercise routines that help in managing diastasis recti

1 Breathing exercise

Photo Credit: wikiHow

This exercise reduces tension and relaxes the body allowing muscles to stay taut and recover fast. Lie down on your back on the floor. Gently place your palms on your lower rib cage. Allow your chest and belly to rise and feel the pressure on your diaphragm as you inhale deeply and exhale gently.

2 Wall push-ups

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This exercise helps build your body without putting pressure on the abdominal wall. Stand in front of a wall at arm's length while maintaining a broad stance. While placing your palms on the wall, inhale and push your belly button to your spine as you lean in closer to the wall, and when you push outwards, exhale.

3 Lower Abdomen Workout

Photo Credit: Self

This exercise helps in adjusting the body making it easier for the abdomen to reclaim its former shape after birth. Lay down on your side and feel your abdominal muscles with the opposite palm, pull your lower abdominal muscles slightly towards your pelvic bone and maintain a normal breathing pattern throughout.

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