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Pregnancy period

Why you may be on bed rest during pregnancy

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During pregnancy, bed rest might mean anything from remaining in bed for a few hours each day to going into a hospital. Bed rest is intended to limit your activities in order to conserve your energy and minimize any dangers or issues related to your pregnancy, such as early birth or stillbirth.

The need for bed rest during pregnancy depends on the type of pregnancy and your current medical state. The majority of pregnant women are recommended to stay in bed at some time throughout their pregnancy. It is never advised to stay in bed for the entire pregnancy, however, your doctor may advise you to do so if your situation requires it.

Here are reasons why you may need bed rest during pregnancy

1 Placenta Previa

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This occurs when the placenta is placed lower than the usual preventing the fetus from exiting through the cervix which results in bleeding. Bed rest can help prevent bleeding by relieving pressure on the cervix and placenta.

2 Cervical insufficiency

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Cervical insufficiency occurs when the cervical muscles are not strong enough to hold the growing fetus in the uterus increasing the risk of a miscarriage. This often occurs in the third trimester and to avoid putting unnecessary strain on the cervix, bed rest is strongly advised.

3 Preeclampsia

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Preeclampsia is one of the most frequent pregnancy-related illnesses affecting the majority of pregnant women. It is caused by increased blood pressure, protein in the urine, and swelling in the face and feet. Extreme forms of preeclampsia can put both you and your baby's lives in jeopardy causing a stay in the hospital where you'll be closely monitored.

4 Multiple pregnancies

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If you are pregnant with multiples, bed rest is a must because you are at a high-risk pregnancy therefore it's best to stay in bed until your babies arrive.

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Placenta Previa


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