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Five Duties of Parents To Their Children

1) They should love and care for their children: It is the duty of every parent to love and care for their children, they should give their children all the necessary support they need to succeed in life. Loving their children means providing their needs and giving them quality education.

2) They should teach them good morals: Parents are to teach their children the right thing to do in the society, they should teach their children good morals and principles which is acceptable in the society. This will help the children to become a better person in the society.

3) Give them good advice and correct them when they do wrong: Parents are to give good advice to their children and also to correct them when they do wrong things, this will help the children to know the difference between wrong and right things in the society.

4) Support their dreams and ambitions in life: It is the duty of every parent to support the dreams and ambitions of their children, parents should make sure that their children becomes whatever they want to become in future by giving them all the full support they need .

5) Spend quality time with them: Parents are to spend quality time with their children, some parents don't have time for their children and they don't give them attention. Spending quality time with your children will help you to know them better and this will help you to raise them well.

The joy of every parents is to see their children succeed in life, Parents do everything possible for their children to become somebody in life and they also give them the full support they need. We need to appreciate our parents because it is not easy for them sometimes, they sacrifice lot of things in order for us to become successful in life.

I hope this information was helpful.

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