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Pregnancy period

2 reasons you should not use anti-stretch mark creams during pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant, there are tendencies she would grow some stretch marks. This happens as the body begins to enlarge. The stomach starts coming out, the boobs get bigger even the buttocks. As they get bigger, pregnant women begin to have stretch marks in different places. Some would have it on the breast, some on the stomach while for others is the buttocks. Most women do not like this and they would try all their best to get rid of it.

They would go to the market and ask for anti-stretch marks creams. They begin to use it during pregnancy, to get rid of the marks. Unfortunately, the cream doesn't work and it affects other things in the body.

Development of the baby: One of the reasons why this cream is not good for pregnant women is the fact that it affects the babies growth. Experts have warned that using these creams during pregnancy affects the baby's congenital. Anti-stretch marks creams can cause congenital abnormalities for the baby. This is very dangerous for the baby and it should be stopped by all pregnant women. The expert also says that it does not even take the marks away. Why bother about it then?

Skin cancer: Since pregnant women are likely to use the cream more, they should also know that it causes skin cancer. This is nothing new and they know what cancer can cause to the body. Once you have it, it's like you've signed a death warrant. Why don't you desist from the creams rather than endangering your lives? What is the essence of giving birth to a baby you won't be able to take care of at the end of it?

The expert also makes us understand that it's completely normal to develop stretch marks during pregnancy. One thing that's also not true is the use of creams to eradicate the marks. They made us understand that creams don't work. Instead, they damage our bodies and the baby.

Punch Ng

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