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Toddler social anxiety: causes and tips to deal with it

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When toddlers are surrounded by people, it is normal for them to be scared or shy. However, when a child is highly uneasy around others, continuously feels self-conscious, and dreads social interactions, he has social anxiety.

Here are some factors that lead to social anxiety

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1 Parental factor

 Toddlers may become sensitive to the illness if their parents consistently prevent them from engaging in social contact. The child may become overwhelmed when he comes in contact with people.

2 Social factor

A child may develop social anxiety if encountering a social scenario that caused them significant embarrassment. 

Tips to help your child deal with social anxiety 

1 Prepare your child for social situations

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One of the most effective methods is to practice the scenarios that cause social anxiety. For example, if the toddler finds it difficult to join in group activities, you might begin by attempting it at home. You may also try a video call to break the ice before taking them to meet a relative.

2 Introduce them to one social situation at a time

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Encourage your child to participate in only one social situation at a time. If you ask them to participate in multiple social situations at once, they may experience social anxiety. 

3 Stay calm when your toddler is anxious

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When exposed to conditions that cause social anxiety in toddlers, they may experience a meltdown and in situations like that, you must maintain your cool while helping your child, the parent's calm demeanor may have a favorable effect on the toddler.

4 Avoid being overprotective 

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 If your child develops social anxiety, you do not have to keep them out of all social situations. Avoid being overly protective, as this may make it harder for a toddler to deal with stressors. Overprotective parents may also make their toddlers feel it is normal to feel nervous around other people.

5 Create a routine

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In anticipation of a social event, some toddlers may develop social anxiety. You can mitigate this effect by establishing a consistent timetable for various activities throughout the day. It makes the routine predictable for the toddler and may help them mentally prepare for it.

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