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Opinion: Unwanted Pregnancies Are Blessings In Disguise, Do Not Abort Them

Aborting unwanted pregnancies has become a normal thing to some people, especially those who engage in illegal activities, such as, prostitution, extramarital affairs, double dating, among others. To be sincere, this is a very bad act that need to be stopped or discouraged. People need to understand that abortion is a sin before God and man.

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What brings about the thought of undergoing abortion? You would ask. No woman in her right sense would remove a child that was given to her by God for no reason. Usually, the reason some women undergo abortion is is to remove shame from their faces. This is because, in many places, an unwanted pregnancy is seen as a bad omen, and any woman who has it is regarded as a sinner. To stay safe, some women tend to be quick to remove their unwanted pregnancies whenever they appear.

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The major circumstance that brings about unwanted pregnancy is relationship. Yes, it is when a woman gets pregnant for a man who is not her husband that she thinks of removing the pregnancy. Usually, this is seen in a boyfriend and girlfriend relationships. If a man gets a woman pregnant but is not ready to settle down, it is usually difficult to persuade him to marry her. Instead of marrying her, some men will advise their pregnant girlfriends to abort their babies.

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Also, women who engage in extramarital affairs indulge in the act when they get pregnant outside their marriage. Out fear, these women will engage in abortion and the men who are responsible for the unwanted pregnancies are usually in support of the abortions.

To start with, it is bad to engage in anything that will bring about an unwanted pregnancy. If you are married, please remain faithful to your husband or wife as the case may be. Do not look for anything outside your marriage. God has blessed you with everything you need in your marriage. It is left for you to discover all of that and make use of them. If you think the things you are blessed with in your marriage is not enough, please manage them while you pray to God for more.

I wouldn't advise you not to go into a relationship, but the only advise I will give you is to abstain from anything that you will regret in the future. You can indulge in romance. Yes, this is very sweet and enjoyable, but do not let it get into your nerves that you forget yourself and do the forbidden.

In a situation where you mistakenly get pregnant in a relationship, please do not let the thought of aborting it overwhelm you. Please be considerate. Think about what the child looks like. Think about the future of the child. The child could be the one that will wipe away tears from your eyes in the future. Please do not waste the life of that innocent child.

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There was a day I went to club alone. Few minutes after my arrival in the club, I heard a joyful shout from outside of the clubhouse. It was coming from the prostitutes that work in the club. As inquisitive as I was then, I discovered that one of the prostitutes in the club get pregnant and has been in the hospital for some days because she was in Labour. On that day, she returned to the club with a cute baby girl.

At her arrival, the rest of the prostitutes were very happy for her. They were busy carrying the child with joy. They danced and sang in and outside of the clubhouse.

The pregnancy was unwanted, but she kept it and delivered it. If a prostitute can keep her pregnancy till delivery, how much more you who are just in a relationship? The child you want to abort may be a blessing to you tomorrow. Let me tell you, unwanted pregnancy is a blessing in disguise. If you abort it, you have lost the blessing.

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