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Why Mothers Should Wear Their Little Daughters' Native Attires

Due to modernization, our mothers no longer see the need to wear their little daughters' native attire. Some mothers believe that little girls should only wear English outfits.

Here are three reasons why little girls should wear native outfits regularly:

1. Cultural awareness: In our schools today, you will be shocked to find out that so many of our children don't know their villages, tribes, or even local dialects, and this is largely because parents don't take the time to teach the children about their culture and traditions. With the help of native wear, our little girls will learn about their various tribes and culture.


2. Wearing your little daughter's native wear will make it very easy for her peers who are of the same cultural background as her to identify her. They will easily know that she is from their village.

3. Self confidence and esteem; Your daughter's native attire will definitely make people pay attention to her, and when they do, she will naturally develop confidence in herself, knowing that a lot of people admire and love her.


Apart from gaining confidence, she will also look beautiful and attractive. 

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