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23 Year Old Shortest Lady Celebrates Her Baby Bump, Leaves Social Media Talking.

It is good to be happy with yourself and how God has created you. You are wonderfully and specially made and should not regret how God Has Created. Here is a 23-year-old short woman who celebrated her baby bumb happily despite her stature. Her name was undisclosed. These pictures has caused a stir on social media as it got people talking.

Peop never imagined that a disabled woman can be pregnant. She seem to be happy, beautiful and joyful as she is expecting her baby.

It was surprising when she was seen with pregnancy and never expected a disabled woman to be a mother. Many people think that being disabled is a curse or death sentence. You can still live your normal life even when you are disabled.

Just like every normal being a disabled person has a right to be in a relationship. especially can still be in a happy relationship with a man who loves her dearly. People wished her to be happy as a mother and take care of her unborn child.

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