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Which Age Should Your Baby Start Eating Beans?

While beans is an important source of protein and other nutrients, there's also the question of Its safety when it comes to babies. This article will examines when and how to introduce beans to your baby's diet.

It is medically concluded that you can start introducing foods other than breast milk and formula to your little one around 6 months of age. After this age, it becomes more difficult for babies to get all the nutrients they need from milk alone.

According to an article by Healthline, beans can usually be added to your baby’s diet around 7 to 10 months of age. It is also important to start with a very small portion of a tablespoon or so when introducing beans to your baby and increase the portion over time. This is to avoid digestive upset like gas and diarrhea which can be more concerning in babies than adults.

Beans can be a good choice for your baby’s diet. However, it’s essential to offer beans in safe and healthy ways that are appropriate for your baby’s age. Also, it’s always best to monitor your baby whenever you’re introducing a new food into their diet.

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