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Pregnancy period

Is lifting weight safe during pregnancy?

Photo Credit: Babycenter

Weight training is a terrific method to stay in shape throughout pregnancy, and it also has post-partum benefits. Although pregnant women are always advised to avoid heavy lifting during pregnancy there are few precautions to keep in mind when engaging in weight training during pregnancy and these precautions lower your risk of complications.

Here are safety precautions to follow when lifting weight during pregnancy

1 Avoid lifting while lying flat on your back

Photo Credit: Girls gone strong

Lying on your back after the first trimester can put a strain on a large vein called the vena cava, reducing blood flow to your brain and uterus. Tilting the bench to an incline is a simple alteration.

2 Keep an eye on the weights

Photo Credit: Woman's health

To avoid striking your abdomen with free weights, keep your eyes on the weight. Alternatively, you can use resistance bands that provide varying levels of resistance and allow you to complete your weight training in a variety of ways without risking your stomach.

3 Use lighter weights

Photo Credit: Babycenter

Use lighter weights and do more repetitions to avoid stressing joints that have already been relaxed by elevated levels of the hormone 'relaxin' during pregnancy.

4 Avoid lifting weights above your head.

Photo Credit: Newyorkpost

As the uterus moves forward, the pelvis shifts as well, potentially putting more strain on the lower back and pelvic and weight growth during pregnancy is concentrated in the belly, which shifts your center of gravity. Lifting weights over your head might cause lumbar tension by increasing the bend of your lower spine.

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