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2 Commendable Things That Parents Can Learn From Davido And Chioma On The Birthday Of Their Son

Ifeanyi Adeleke

Recently, the son of the Nigerian musician, David Adeleke, celebrated his birthday and it wasn't just a meager party as several families, friends, and well wishes were at the event.

It is noted according to the Punch Newspaper that the son of the celebrities turned two years old and that called for a celebration, which resulted in several people from all walks of life attending the party.

Before this period, there was a rumor that the parents of the celebrant had some kind of misunderstanding that occurred between the two of them that kept them apart for a long period.

However, there is something important that parents need to learn from the norm of these celebrities as they come together to celebrate the birthday of their child that I shall explain in turn:

1. Davido and Chioma Are Loving Parents: Davido and Chioma have shown all Nigerians that they are loving parents and they will always have reasons to show love to themselves and their child, no matter the conditions.

This is as a result of how they come together to celebrate the child despite the misunderstanding, which means they are not the type of parent that allows the misunderstanding they have to separate them. This is a good thing that parents should learn. No matter the animosity we have, we must never abandon our duty in terms of taking care of our children. This is not only applicable to one separated parent but all parents.

2. Davido And Chioma Are Responsible:

One of the main objectives of being a parent is the ability to be responsible, and this means the obligation to be available to answer one's duty, which is what both Davido and Chioma have shown towards their son, Ifeanyi. Through what the two celebrities proved, we were able to see that their dispute did not pave the way for hatred and there is every tendency that their animosity will soon be over since they are happy together to carry out their responsibility to their child.

This is another area that every parent must consider. Even though there may be animosity in their midst, we must never stay away from our responsibility. 

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