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Pregnancy period

Best Age To Have A Healthy Baby

Ladies are most fertile when they are in their 20's.

At this age, the pregnancy risk level is reduced to the barest minimum compared to when they are in their 30's.

When you are in your 20's, you get high-quality eggs and this is the best age for the body to carry the load of pregnancy, A younger body can manage the plus weight on the back and bone during pregnancy.

There is no best or actual age to have a baby because we have to look at the financial stability of the family.

You can also have a baby when you are in your 40's before menopause but you have to be very strong for your baby.

There are many reasons why people give birth late, some give birth late because they want a pet who would take care of them in their old age.

Sometimes it can also be difficult to get pregnant no matter how healthy you are.

According to Biology, the best and appropriate age to get pregnant is in your 20's.

We all want to have a healthy child, and that is the truth. 

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