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For expectant mothers: What to pack in your hospital bag

Photo Credit: Today's parent

It's never too early to gather all of the items you'll require throughout labor and delivery, as well as after your baby is delivered. Even if you don't intend to give birth in a hospital or birth center, you may need to go in unexpectedly, so start packing your bag around 36 weeks pregnant.

Although the hospital provides the majority of what you will need, you may wish to bring a few items from your home to make the environment more personal.

Here is a list of what your hospital bag should contain

1 Dress

Photo Credit: Sheknows

Pack flowy clothing from maternity retailers with buttons on the front so you can undo them fast for breastfeeding. If you have the time, wear old, loose clothing to the hospital because it may get discolored by numerous fluids.

2 Lip balm

Photo Credit: Healthline

Outside of the delivery room, most mothers' lips begin to dry out. To protect your lips from drying out keep a lip balm on hand.

3 Snacks and beverages

Photo Credit: Growing serendipity

Labor might occasionally last for several hours and eating might get you through the agony. Snacking on sugar-free candy is a terrific idea.

4 Gadgets

 Don't forget to bring a charger for your phone and tablet, as well as an mp3 player if you want to listen to music to help you relax throughout the contractions.

5 Pack comfortable clothing for when you leave the hospital.

6 Bring a pair of funny or comic books with you to keep your spirits up.

Photo Credit: Thebump

7 Toiletries 

Towels, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, hairbrush, and floss should all be included in your luggage.

8 A baby blanket to keep your baby warm, especially when you and your infant are on your way home.

Photo Credit: Cheerfully simple

9 Diapers and toiletries for your baby

10 Babysuits or vests for baby

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