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Tips to prevent babies from scratching their faces

The sight of a baby scratching his face might not be pleasant for new parents, and it may cause them to contact their baby's pediatrician at odd hours. If you're a new parent and notice your child scratching his face frequently, you're probably concerned and wondering what you can do about it. 

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However, It is important to understand why babies scratch their faces so you can prevent the scratching from happening.

Here are reasons why your baby scratch his face

1 Itchy and Dry Skin

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One of the most common reasons for babies scratching their faces is dry, itchy, and flaky skin. Acne or pimples can be caused by dirt and bacteria build up which cause your baby to scratch his face. Examine your baby's food to avoid skin sensitivities and begin to build a regular skincare routine for your child.

2 The startle reflex 

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Light and loudness are both irritating to babies and it is natural for them to be stunned or shocked by what they are seeing. When they're experiencing new things, a glint of light or a burst of sound can surprise them and they can scratch their faces as a result.

3 Explore their faces

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There isn't much room for the infant to roam about or explore inside the womb. When your baby is finally out, he begins to investigate his environment and body parts, especially his face. As a result, he'll go for his face, which is a natural and instinctual reaction.

Here are tips to prevent your baby from scratching his face

1 Moisturize his face

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By taking proper care of your baby's skin, you can prevent him from scratching his face. Apply a mild moisturizer on his face daily, at least twice. Make sure the lotion is made with natural components and is free of dangerous chemicals which might cause an allergic reaction or be detrimental to a baby's skin.

2 Trim his nails when his sleeping

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When your infant is sleeping, trim his nails because trimming his nails will prevent him from scarring his face. If you are going to trim his nails during the day get your partner to hold your baby's hands while you clip, because your child may fidget.

3 Swaddle your baby

Photo Credit: Parents

When your baby is frightened, you can prevent him from flailing his arms by swaddling him. Swaddling your infant prevents him from scratching his face by keeping his arms in place. This way, he won't be able to scratch his face even if startled.

4 Get Your Baby a Pair of Mittens

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Wearing a pair of mittens on your baby helps keep him warm and prevents him from clawing his face. They have a great, soft feel to them, and the wrapping around the arm or sleeve gives a good layer of insulation that keeps the hand warm.

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