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Pregnancy period

Pregnancy week by week: Baby development in the 4th week

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You have reached the fourth week, and your body is undergoing changes as a result of new hormone secretions.

If you're four weeks pregnant, you're in your first trimester and about to finish your first month of pregnancy. Your body begins to transmit various indicators of pregnancy by now, in addition to a missed period you start noticing bloating, cramping, morning sickness, fatigue and so.

Baby development at 4th week

1 Primitive placenta

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

In the 4th week, the outer cells of your embryo are digging into the uterine lining which creates spaces for your blood to flow into allowing you to deliver nutrition and oxygen to your growing baby.

2 Amniotic sac and yolk sac

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The amniotic sac is made up of amniotic fluid and will enclose and shield your baby as they grow and the yolk sac ensures that your baby's first red blood cells are produced.

3 Growing cells

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Cells start growing quickly in other to take on a variety of tasks. The hypoblast and epiblast are the two layers of your small embryo from which all of the organs will develop over the next six weeks. This is the time when your baby is most vulnerable to anything that could interfere with development, so avoid alcohol, smoking, drugs, and dangerous substances during this time.

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