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Pregnancy period

Can peeing after sex prevent pregnancy?

Many people's belief about whether or not peeing after intercourse can prevent pregnancy is quite different. But whichever way it is important to know that there is scientific evidence on this particular matter. Anything that does not have scientific evidence does not worth believing.

After intercourse, many women tend to pee probably because they think it can prevent unwanted pregnancy. In this piece in line with a publication on "Healthline", we are going to have some looks at the question above.

According to a study, peeing won’t prevent pregnancy even if you go seconds after a man's discharge. This is because, during intercourse, the male reproductive cell is discharged into the canal of the female private part. Urine is discharged from the urethra. These are two completely separate openings. However, discharging pee from your urethra won’t flush anything out of your private part.

If semen has entered the private part, there’s no going back. Sperm is already traveling upward to try and fertilize an egg. Therefore, there is every tendency for pregnancy to occur after intercourse even if you pee.

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