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Pregnancy period

Reasons for back labor during pregnancy

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Pregnant women may have discomfort in the belly and pelvic region during labor but it is more frequent in the lower back and this is known as back labor. It affects around a quarter of all pregnant women, and the discomfort is usually worse during contractions. The force imposed by the fetus on your lower back is often considered to be the cause.

During labor and delivery, back pain is very common and the pain may be modest, manifesting as soreness or minor cramping. However, in some people, back labor comes with very excruciating pain and it happens during active labor contractions.

Here are reasons why you might experience back labor during pregnancy

1 Position of the fetus

Photo Credit: Medical News Today

How the baby is positioned within your body is one of the most common causes of back labor. The optimal position for the fetus is upside down, facing the back, with the chin tucked into the neck. However, if your baby is facing your abdomen, its head may press against your tailbone, causing pain as your baby grows. 

2 Wrong posture

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Standing without slightly bending the knees or leaning the pelvis forward increases the risk of back labor.

3 Short waist

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Being short-waisted may cause an angle that presses the baby's head into the pelvis, causing the head to press against the sacrum, a triangle bone in the lower back that connects the hip bones causing pain in the lower back.

4 Exaggerated swayback

Photo Credit: MedicineNet

This might generate an angle that puts extra strain on the lower back of a pregnant woman causing pain.

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