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Three things that would fascinate you

In the late 1930s, the colour pink are said to be the boys colour while the blue for the girl.

It was believed to make them look more good and attractive, mostly in country like Britain carry out such until the recently development and new style and fashion came on board.

Recently there was a discovery made, and it was about the phenomenon called the cherophobia (i.e Fear of happiness),where chero is happiness and phobia is fear.

They believe that if they feel too happy after a given opportunity or success, something bad always tends to ruins their happiness. This has taken a deep turn in our society and it has been confirmed true with certainty.

It was discovered that there are really children which were taken care of by animals, some say it's possible due to the fact that most mammals has good parental care but other believed it not.

Research are still being carried out on these children which are called Feral children from the word animal. As time goes on they tend to take the characters of the animals and also hunt.

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