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Roles Parents Can Play In Curbing Quick Money Making Trend Among Young Boys

It is the dream of every parent to see his/her child succeed in life. It is not strange to see parents shower chronicles of prayers on their children to do better than them in all ramifications. Inasmuch there is nothing wrong with a young boy building a foundation of wealth and living his dream in the future, these days, some young boys of this generation are pursuing wealth the wrong way. As the Holy Bible opines in the book of Ecclesiastes 3 :1, there is time for everything.

Sadly, though, some young lads do not want to do the right thing to get the right result at the right time. On the contrary, due to impatience, they have resorted to cutting corners to get quick wealth.

Presently, it is common to see young boys drop out of school to pursue quick wealth. Long before now, formal education was popularly seen as the best legacy. What about now? The story has changed. Some young men do not see education as the best legacy anymore but rather tag education as "scam". Aside formal education, skill acquisition shops were not lacking apprentices. Unexpectedly, change has gripped craft and skill acquisition centres. Young children who used to fill different shops with their presence have taken the decision of leaving their " training " halfway to go after quick money making.

Undoubtedly, most young boys who forsook their education and skill acquisition trainings have acquired "strange" wealth overnight. The bane however is, some have also experienced quick death in the process. Can we conclude that all the children involved in this ugly trend of quick money were not well trained by their parents? Certainly not. Some are deviants who chose a wrong path different from the one their parents instilled on them.

The big question is, what can be done to curb the spread of quick money making trend that has eaten deep into our society? The answer is not farfetched. All parents can play some roles in curbing the menace in the following ways:

1. Every parent should redefine the true meaning of success to their children. Most young people have been made to believe that, the only way one can be seen as successful oerson is through financial wealth. In the truest sense of it, success has many definitions but financial abundance is not the main meaning of success. Every parent should inculcate into their children that the greatest of all successes is impacting lives positively through acquired education and knowledge. It will go a long way in modifying the mindset of most young boys, thereby making them to prioritize purposeful living over financial possession.

2. Parents should educate, monitor and assess the behaviours of their children from time to time. Most times, it is not the absence of good home training that make some young people to deviate from the right path but societal influence viz, peer pressure and mass media. As a parent, you should always monitor and assess the behaviours of your children after giving them the right information, so that you can make corrections as soon as possible when there is a deviation.

3. Avoid comparing your children with their mates who are doing better than them in life. Such comparison can make some children to do everything humanly possible (including money ritual, internet fraud, kidnapping etc) to make sure that they get rich like their peers.

What is your take on the issue? You can drop your contributions and suggestions in the comment section.

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