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Pregnancy period

Pregnancy, breastfeeding and bone health

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Pregnancy and breastfeeding both affect women's bodies and place additional demands on them and some of these could have an impact on their bones. The good news is that most women have no difficulties with their bones while pregnant or breastfeeding, and if their bones are harmed during this phase, the problem is usually quickly remedied. However, bone health is especially crucial during pregnancy and breastfeeding for the mother's and baby's health.

Bone health during pregnancy

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The infant growing in its mother's womb needs a lot of calcium to construct its skeleton throughout pregnancy especially in the final three months of pregnancy. If the mother does not get enough calcium, her baby will get calcium from her bones.

Breastfeeding and Bone health

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Breastfeeding affects a mother's bones as well. Breastfeeding can cause women to lose 3 to 5% of their bone mass but they quickly regain it after weaning. This is due to the increased need for calcium by the growing baby, which is extracted from the mother's bones. The amount of calcium a woman requires is determined by the volume of breast milk produced and the length of time she breastfeeds.

Here are tips to keep the bone healthy during pregnancy and breastfeeding

1 Calcium

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Although calcium is essential throughout your life, it is especially vital during pregnancy and breastfeeding since both you and your baby require it. You are advised to take 1,300 mg of calcium per day.

2 Exercise 

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Bones can be strengthened with exercise especially weight-bearing and resistance activities. You are advised to exercise regularly.

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