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How to help your children reach their full potential

Children at a very tender age appears to be intelligent and ready to learn fast. A lot of persons have a notion that we have dull children and intelligent c but that is not completely true. Children all come their own talents and sometimes it requires much attention to finally detect it. Below are things you can do to either harness their talent or help them acquire one.

1. Give them room to always express themselves. Most parents train their kids in a way that makes their kids or children become mute. The fear of their parents and maybe the elderly ones at home affect their way of interacting with others above their age. They quickly learn that fear is same as respect and this hinders them from being outspoken. Being outspoken sometimes is a sign of smartness. When a child can talk freely, one would be able to understand their or his level of reasoning.

2. Give them task to perform and watch their progress. It is not every time you do things for them. Allow them to do it themselves time to time.

3. Do not push to always pass. One error most parents commit is always pushing their children pass. This will make them find easy ways to pass and not easy ways to learn and become better. 

4. Check their result graph. This means to read and understand their result. This will show you their interest cycle. Sometimes children fail some subject not because they don't know but due to their lack of zeal and love for it.

5. Reduce rewarding them for every task or achievement. Let them know it is not all the time you get rewarded for being great. They are times you have to learn to appreciate yourself even if others don't.

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