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When You Only Give Your Baby Cow Milk, Here Is One Health Condition You Are Exposing Him To

Children during the period when they are newly born are often given breast milk and this would continue up until a certain age before other lighter foods could follow and gradually it continues till such a baby grows old enough to start consuming heavier foods.

Source: Alpha Mom

During the period of breast milk, it should not be taken for granted and ordinary cow milk should not be taken as a replacement for a baby's deserved natural breast milk from the mother except during critical situations when the mother is ill or no more.

The breast milk is known to contain several nutrients including iron and the replacing it will cow milk would result to a deficiency in such nutrients in such a kid except for fortified milks and of course, no fortification can be compared to natural.

Take for instance, iron which helps in formation of the haemoglobin which is the major constituent of the red blood cell. The presence of haemoglobin is what gives the human blood it's significant red colour.

Haemoglobin is also responsible for respiration as it picks up oxygen we inhale from the alveoli of the lungs and takes them to the heart together with the blood, the heart then spreads it to the other organs and tissues. The vein returns the blood to the heart but this blood is now filled with another gas known as carbon dioxide. Haemoglobin is also responsible for picking up this gas and returning them to the lungs from where we breathe them out through our nose.

You don't want your baby suffering a condition known as milk anemia. This condition is perculiar to children who are excessively fed with cow milk when they are supposed to be fed with breast milk.

Cow milk can be a rich source of several nutrients and minerals but iron is surely not one of them except for the fortified ones. 

Source: Eatright

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