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Danger of screen addiction among children and how parents can stop the scourge

In today's digital age, technology is an essential tool in our daily lives but when used excessively, it may have negative impacts on the spiritual, emotional and physical wellness of users. It may also change the way the human brain processes information and the children may also become affected by their exposure to it.

These dangerous signs are now manifesting among children of school ages. Most children are no longer interested in playing with any other thing except screen devices including laptops, iPads, iPhones, tablets, among others. 

All they want is to sit down in front of the screen or click on any application that is available on the home screen of electronic devices. This is taking a serious toll on their health and well-being.

Screen devices are now the first things they view in the morning when they wake up and the last thing they view in the night before they go to bed. Many of them are addicted to playing games, watching videos and reading various contents.

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Although these devices aid some of them in their educational pursuit, their long exposure to them is having a negative toll on their health and one only wonders what will happen in the nearest future especially to their sight due to very long use of these devices.

In most cases, the faults are from parents because many of them see giving their children these devices as status symbols and they do everything possible to get them for their children without considering the long-term effects such will have on these children.

Many of the children are so addicted to screen devices that when they are denied access to them, they become moody, dejected and sometimes irrational and will not carry out the necessary home chores expected of them. 

Some parents will immediately return such devices to them when they see those children in such a mood.

What are the warning signs that a child is addicted to screen devices?

According to child psychologists quoted from, a child becomes addicted when the first thing he or she views in the morning and the last thing he or she views before going to bed is a screen device.

The child also suffers addiction when his or her grades are dropping in school and when he or she feels happy only when using a screen device but feels unhappy when he or she is denied access to the device.

When parents and family complain about the amount of time spent on screen devices or when a child complains of headache or neck pain regularly, then there is the need for the parents to caution the children over the devices.

However, parents have a lot to do in order to save these children from becoming addicted to the devices. As stated in, some of the things parents can do to save their children include the fact that all children should be educated about internet safety. 

Parents should encourage young children on meaningful screen use and they should supervise screen use and they should also delete all apps that the children don't really need on the devices.

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