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"If You Call Your Child An Idiot, Soon He Will Begin To Act Like One" Faith Oyedepo Tells Parents

When I was in secondary school, I knew this boy who nobody wanted to be like. It wasn't because he was a terrible person or he had a bad habit; it was because of the kind of parents he had. You see, I attended a boarding school, and during visiting day or open day, his parents will publicly embarrass him if his results were not good enough for them. They will rain insults on him and even call his classmates to ask him to check if they had two heads, before they punish him in front of everyone.

I saw first-hand the amazing power of words in that event. You see, his parents used their words as a weapon to destroy the self-confidence of that boy. The incidents and the words stuck to the boy's mind, and I bet they were always coming to his mind whenever he wanted to attempt to do something great.

Faith Oyedepo has cautioned parents to use only gracious, life transforming and destiny moulding words on their children. She claimed that if you call your child an idiot, he would begin to act like one in a short while. She commanded parents not to speak carelessly, even when they are angry.

While I think that it might be a little bit extreme to think that calling your child an idiot will make him start behaving like one, there is no denying the fact that negative words can have serious damaging effects on children. The worst part is that a child's brain is virtually empty, and you get to fill it with the experiences you give the child. Putting this into consideration, it is not far fetched to believe that your child will begin to act like how you address him or her because he or she has had no prior experience in this world to believe otherwise. I hope you understand the point I am trying to make.

So parents, please take the initiative, and do your part to raise children who will not be damaged with a poor self-esteem. Raise children who will be confident enough to try to achieve great things. Raise children who will not go through life feeling less than. Build them up with your words; don't tear them down. Be blessed.

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