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6 Things You Need To Know About Taking Care Of A New Born Baby.

1. Never let your baby sleep on its stomach.

Stomach sleeping, usually causes breathing difficulties for a new born baby and sometimes, death. This can harm the respiratory organs of the little baby which are still developing slowly. The best way or method to put a baby to sleep, is on their back. It increases the baby’s access, to fresh air and less risk of breathing difficulties.

2. Always prepare for emergencies.

Your new born baby would definitely need medical care and attention once in a while. Always be at alert, for emergencies like a cold, flu, cough and others. Find out where the nearest clinic or hospital is from your house. Get numbers of qualified nurse, doctors and medical practitioners who can come to your aid, when needed. This is very critical.

3. Be careful while choosing toys to buy for your baby.

Make sure you wait until your baby, is over 1 year old before you start buying toys and other items they can play with. Remember all these toys, can cause danger to the baby if you’re not careful with your selection of them. We’ve seen cases where little babies swallow small sized beads or toys and they can also get injuries too.

4. Be careful while sleeping together.

 While sleeping in bed with your baby, be careful not to suffocate him or her. Babies can easily be suffocated, always make sure that there is enough ventilation for your baby. Wait till your baby is a little older before you start co-sleeping with him or her. You might mistakenly roll on top of the poor child which is dangerous.

5. Limit too many visits and some visitors.

Always be vigilant whenever someone, comes to see your baby or visit. Don’t just let everyone you see lay their hands on your baby. Not more than 5 hands should carry your baby daily, and they should only be trusted family and friends.

6. Take care of yourself.

Yes, we know that caring for a new born baby, is stressful. But that doesn’t mean that you should totally neglect yourself and look tattered. It is important to take good care of yourself and look your best with proper hygiene. This is good for your baby too.

Source: Firstcry Parenting.

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