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Krista and Eleanor: Women With Two Wombs and Reproductive Organs.

Krista and Eleanor both have a rare medical condition that is associated with two uteruses and vaginas.

Krista Scwab

At age 12, she was diagnosed of uterus didelphys, having two uteruses and two cervixes. Unknown to her, she also her two vaginas which she only got to know when she was 30. “After being diagnosed with uterine didelphys at 12 years old, I knew I had two uteruses and two cervixes. But when I was 30 I found out that I also had two vaginas that are side by side. I always felt the separate sections during intercourse and smear tests but I just thought that feeling was a normal thing every woman had,” she said.

She had two miscarriages and lost hope of childbirth. Doctors also concluded she would never have a child due to her rare condition. It was while considering In-vitro Fertilization (IVF; an assisted form of conception or pregnancy) that she found out she was with a child.

She shared her pic with her husband on social media out of joy as a proof of her pregnancy.

While she was surprised, the doctors too were not left in awe as they couldn't understand nor believe the possibility of her conception.

Eleanor Rowe

Eleanor found out about her rare human anatomy when she went for an ultrasound scan in the hospital. At first, the scan only revealed she had two uteruses. However, further procedures of investigations led to their discovery of not just the two uteruses, but also two cervixes and two vaginas. She underwent a surgical procedure to correct this abnormality. However, just like Kristina Scwab, doctors warned she would not have a child, as there was 90% possibility of miscarriage of every pregnancy she would have.

"When I was having surgery the doctors said the walls of my wombs were so thick I would be unlikely to carry children. They said getting a baby to full termination would be a process and that every time I would get pregnant would help to stretch out the womb. I was also told that there was a 90 per cent chance I would miscarry. That was horrific to hear," she said.

She didn't hide her suprise about her unique body. "When I was told I had two of everything it did just seem a bit strange. I had had smear tests before and this was never picked up. And all of a sudden I found myself with this unique anatomy which I had never heard of before."

Just as the doctors said, she had miscarriage of her first pregnancy and lost the child. However, to everyone's suprise, she had a second pregnancy which the doctors termed "high-risk". She was put under strict monitoring and after 35weeks of her pregnancy, she had baby Imogen Rose through surgery.

While speaking, she said “Ten years of trying to have a baby , and it just happened. I want women with uterine didelphys to never let anyone tell them miracles can’t happen, because they do.”

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Eleanor Krista Scwab


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