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Pregnancy period

Is it possible to remove sperm from the body after sex?

There are so many reasons why women want to remove sperm from their body after intercourse which could either be for preventing unwanted pregnancy or for hygienic reasons. Whichever way it is important to know whether or not the possibility is guaranteed. 

Over the years, it has been reported that women who tried washing their private parts immediately after intercourse still get pregnant. This has got so many people talking about their personal opinions. However, in this piece in line with a publication on "Medical News Today", we are going to have some looks at the scientific research on the possibility of removing sperm from your body.   

According to experts, semen is a combination of fluids that contains vitamins, minerals, and sperm. It is also known as the male reproductive cell, thus, pregnancy can take place once the reproductive cells combine with the female’s egg. Moreover, the reproductive cells enter the uterus within minutes of discharge. Although it can live inside the female private part for up to 7 days. So once sperm enters the uterus, there is no scientifically proven way of removing it. 

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