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Protecting Your Child From Abuse Is Every Parent's Responsibility, Here Are Strategies To Do So

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Children are blessings from God and as their parents, we are expected to protect and provide for them. Due to their tender age, they are easy victims of those bad eggs in our community. Abuse can happen to children of any race, socioeconomic group, religion, or culture. At times, parents are the reasons why their offspring are being assaulted because of their carelessness. Although there is no foolproof way to protect children from abuse, there are ways you can take to reduce this risk.

1. Be involved in their life: Being actively involved in a child’s life can make warning signs of child abuse more obvious and help the kid feel more comfortable coming to you if something isn’t right. The first thing you should do is to be lively and free with your offspring. This will give them the courage to tell you anything happening to them. 

2. Don't trust anybody with your children, be it their uncles or close neighbors. On no occasion should you leave your child with someone in the name of trust.

3. Always ask questions and show interest in their day-to-day lives. Know who they are spending time with, those they encounter and play with.

4. Teach your youngster about boundaries. Let your child know that no one has the right to touch or make them feel uncomfortable. Encourage youngsters to speak up if anything is wrong. Set time aside to spend with them and give them your undivided attention. Let your child know that they can come to you if they have questions or if someone is talking in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable. 

5. Lastly, make sure that you provide their basic needs and some things they ask you. Make them know how bad it is to accept gifts from strangers because this is what many use to lure innocent kids. I pray God will protect our children from all evils and make them our source of happiness.

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