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The benefits and harms of video games for your Child

We are in a totally digital age. Technology is present everywhere, so it is difficult to imagine the world without it. For children and adolescents, electronic games are great attractions, often generating concern in parents. It is important to consider that there are harm, but it is also possible to observe benefits of video games related to the development of young people.

In this sense, video games, although not as revolutionary as video systems telecommunication, are great influencers of our society. Its impacts can be seen in our culture, way of relating and even for the benefit of education.

To help better understand this very current topic, we have prepared this text, which will provide information on the benefits and disadvantages of using video games in the lives of children and adolescents. Continue reading to check!

Find out what the main benefits of video games are

The technological revolution has brought more and more realistic elements to games, which mix reality and fiction. Recent studies point out how the universe of games has acquired the ability to alter some brain connections, but there is still not enough data to complete all the benefits and harms generated to the human body.

Generally speaking, the violent content, which is quite characteristic in many games, is the main factor for most discussions on the subject. Thus, although there are arguments that defend the harms of the video game, we will highlight the beneficial effect presented to the world today. Check it out below.

Improves motor coordination

Although the main function of games is entertainment, they have been seen as excellent allies in the development of skills important. This is because they bring rules, complex information and the need for quick thinking.

Those who are action-based, for example, require their players to have a very large motor and visual skill. Thus, they can be very useful in stimulating better coordination to drive vehicles.

In addition, the stimuli offered to the body through images and the need to follow specific commands may be opportune to learn a new skill, such as playing musical instruments.

If we consider the high degree of difficulty required by this activity for its practitioners, combined with the fact that it works with motor coordination, we realize that games can greatly facilitate the learning process.

Helps logical reasoning

Most electronic games require a high level of concentration from their practitioners and, consequently, demand decision making quickly. Therefore, this type of content can work on agility and reasoning. In this way, it is able to help deal with adverse situations, because it encourages to make better choices under pressure.

The skills imposed by the most modern games help the brains of people of all ages. This type of resource can be converted to the school environment, through tools that help learning, including.

Thus, in addition to a simple moment of leisure, its practitioners can learn through games and benefit from their school or professional life. Furthermore, this pedagogical strategy is one education trend in the digital age, since it also improves the work of educators, as it increases interest in classes and encourages learning.

Develops the ability to tolerate frustrations

Usually, children and adolescents do not know exactly how to deal with their frustrations or demonstrate that they are not tolerant in the face of the disappointments experienced - whether in games or in real life. In that sense, the losses that happen frequently in games can help to deal with it better.

Games should be used strategically to improve the way young people deal with emotions in the face of frustration. Likewise, they help to educate you about victories, defeats, honesty and fair play. Children can learn through the game that losing is also part of the game, making it possible to start over, as well as in life.

Creates professional opportunities

As we said at the beginning of the text, technology is present in our daily lives and in full development. In the games market, there are several opportunities to follow one successful career, since the gaming industry has great growth potential. There are many possibilities for game lovers to find professional satisfaction in this area.

Discover the main harms of the video game

Just as there are benefits of video games, you also need to pay attention to its bad side. Most of the time, this is related to excess and the choices of educational games. Know the negative points of games for children and adolescents.

Promotes sedentary lifestyle

One of the main harms of the video game is related to the time spent in front of a screen. It is common for its practitioners to develop the habit of dedicating hours to games, harming their other daily activities.

One of the most frequent consequences is obesity - a very common factor among gamers. Since they are always seated and do not make physical efforts regularly, their chances of developing cardiovascular diseases, such as damage to blood vessels, high blood pressure, arrhythmia and various abnormalities in the heart, increase.

It can generate social problems

Isolation caused by overuse of video games is also extremely harmful to children and adolescents, although common. By getting deeply involved with the virtual world, the individual may experience a difficulty in establishing contact with other people, both in childhood and adolescence and in adulthood.

In this sense, it is important to highlight that childhood is the ideal phase for children to develop and relate. Therefore, the lifestyle stimulated by virtual games reverses values and directly impacts the personality of young people. Thus, overuse can motivate major social problems in the future of these individuals.

It aggravates posture problems

Finally, the time spent without moving can cause, in addition to the problems already mentioned, the loss of muscle mass, which increases the predisposition to suffer injuries of different levels in the muscles, body pain and even repetitive strain injuries (RSI) ).

Maintaining a correct posture is another very common difficulty, since, in the search for a more comfortable position to play, children can develop lordosis, scoliosis or herniated discs.

Check out what are the best games for young people

As we said, there are benefits of video games that contribute to the good development of young people. In this sense, some games have great educational potential and, in some cases, even guarantee good family moments. Some of them are:

  • The Sims: in The Sims players need to create their entire character life, which helps them learn about responsibility, creativity, career and caring for other people;
  • Master Mind: available on board or over the internet, this game encourages agile reasoning and can also be used in the classroom ;
  • Domino: it is a classic that can be played over the internet or with pieces. He is good at developing logical thinking and training mathematics in a fun way;
  • New Spelling: the game can be accessed by cell phone, with punctuation and challenges to help learn the rules of the new orthographic agreement;
  • Independence Game: this online game turns a historic moment in Brazil into a big and fun board. It is an excellent way to study history;
  • Xenubi: passionate about chemistry - or not - can learn more about the elements of the periodic table through this game, which is available for download on Android and iOS ;
  • Games School: it is not a game, but a website with many games that can be used by family and school to teach on various subjects.

In short, in addition to electronic games, there are many board options, cards or other simple resources that can be made with the family - improving the relationship between parents and children. Thus, it is possible to enjoy a moment of fun and unity, in addition to learn very.

Understand the importance of stimulating other activities

To avoid the negative effects, it is important that parents strike a balance and encourage their children to bet on other forms of leisure as well. Playing with friends, playing some sport, reading books, learning to play some musical instrument or other language are some excellent options for the development of young people.

With that in mind, it may be interesting for those responsible to set a maximum time for electronic games. Thus, children do not need to give up this type of leisure, but they also do not deprive themselves of other activities. A tip is, sporadically, to perform family programs that are totally offline, if possible, outdoors - a collective exercise of escaping from the internet and approaching family.

As you can see, the excessive use of games has serious consequences for children and teenagers. However, if used sparingly and in the right way, there are benefits of video games, as it offers great possibilities for personal, educational and professional development. Therefore, to avoid the negative effects, parental participation in promoting positive changes is essential.

Parents must always be attentive to their children's behavior, to ensure that their development happens in the best possible way. 

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