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3 types of milk to give babies for nourishment

Children are wonderful gifts from God, from conception till birth they need special care which also includes nutrition. Babies are very tender and they can't do things on there own till they grow up, therefore mothers are always engaged in taking good care of there babies by bathing, feeding and looking after there wellbeing. Babies normally feed on liquid when they are born till 6 months or more when solid foods can be introduced. They usually feed on breastmilk from the time that they are born, but some kids are given formulas made from cow's milk and other sources on exceptional cases. 

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Babies are generally given milk which can be from any source, in as much as it is of benefit them. In this article, 3 types of milk that can be given to babies are mentioned in this article. Let's check them below

1. Breastmilk

This is the best type of milk for babies as they are directly from the mother. It contains all necessary nutrients needed for baby's growth including water. The most important thing about breast milk is that it makes both mother and baby to bound well and also lead to the development of mutual love between them.

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2. Cow milk

Cow milk is an alternative to breastmilk. It is used in the production of formulas for babies consumption from birth. Cow milk are also given to babies when they start eating solid foods. It contains essential nutrients for babies development, so it is also a rich source of milk for children development.

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3. Plant milk 

Plant based milk are derived from plants such as soy milk, coconut milk, tigernut milk and so on. They are also rich in nutrients but it can only be combined with animal milk for a child healthy growth. 

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