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5 Things Parents Fear When Their Kids Enter Into The University

A child's behavior in the University will tell how well her parents raised her. Parents tend to worry the most when their kids go into the University. They have so many fears which doesn't die until the very moment their child convocates.

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A typical parent would have these 5 fears when their kids enter into the University.

1. Fear of Pregnancy

For parents with female kids, this is their first fear. Whether their child would make it back from school without the disgrace of an unwanted pregnancy. Girls feel the most pressure while at school. There is a whole bunch of things to distract them and that is why serious prayers are needed, day in and day out. Couple with the good home training you have given to them. These two things can never fail you. Have Faith!

2. Fear of tarnishing the family's name or reputation

Be it with pregnancy, or the kind of company they keep, or the type of 'news' about them that will reach your ears. At school, parents fear that the good name they have struggled to build for years will be tarnished because their kids in the University are now representing them.

3. Fear of failure at school

Parents fear that the sole reason why they sent their kids to school will not be achieved, or would be a waste. They fear that their kids would fumble. They fear that their kids would fail.

4. Fear of joining the bad company

This is one of the greatest worries parents have. Deep down, they prefer that their kids do not make any friends than to keep the bad ones. All they want is for their children to focus on their studies. But if you are sure of the training you gave to your children, this one shouldn't be your problem.

5. Fear of forgetting home

Have you heard of cases where children go into the University and forget their home? They forget who raised them, forget all their parents struggles and take their new found freedom to go live the life they wish. This happens in cases whereby the child was restricted from going out or living life when they were under their parents control. If this is how you are raising your kids, then prepare to do fasting and prayer when they enter into the University.

Dear parents, drop all these fears because you have done enough for these kids. If they want to stray, no amount of prayer can draw them back. Are you prepared to live in fear for their 4 - 5 years stay in the University? Do you want to kill yourself before it is even time? You have to have Faith in your good upbringing. These kids have lived with you for years, you must know what they are capable and not capable of. You must know them a lot by now. You must have developed faith in them by now. Do not fear...have you no Faith???...

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