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4 Things Your Child Should Know Before Clocking 13 Years

The way you train your child determines the character he/she will portray when she gets to the wider world and as a result, proper parenting should be enjoyed by every child.

Given your child, the necessary grooming before he/she becomes 13 years old will relieve you of the stress of correcting her when she reaches 14 years, and above. This is because it's easier to train a child at his or an early age and coming to do this at their adolescent stage makes them feel bad as they begin to feel they should be allowed to carry out some things on their own.

Below are 3 important things your child should know before clocking 13 years of age.

1. Ensure your child knows the joy of serving God

Parents have the delegation to bring their child up in a Godly way and do things in a way that pleases God. Encourage him or her to pray always it's the way of proper communication with God. Through prayer, everyone's problem can be answered by God.

2. Your child should be dutiful to elders

People make the mistake of not preparing their children to have respect for their elders by heralding them. Lesson your child at his or her early age to ve respectful to their elders as it's a sign of respect to the older people.

3. Tell your child to be hardworking

Your child should know that hard work pays and those who do not work won't enjoy it. Your child should know that no matter how tricksy a thing is, it takes hard work to achieve them. They should work harder in their place of learning to come out with good grades, he or they should be nonconflicting with whatever is their purpose.

4. Advise her on the need to avoid early sex acts and other social vices

Ensure your child knows of the troubles of involving in early sexual activity, stealing, and other forms of social vices.

Doing these effects will help make for the betterment of society.


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