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Pregnancy period

Risks of Not Taking Folic Acid While Pregnant

Are you aware that not consuming enough folic acid during pregnancy can have some adverse consequences? Some pregnant women ignore the need of consuming folic acid because they are unaware of the risks of not doing so; however, if you are among those who are acting or rather playing ignorance about the value of consuming folic acid, you will have a change of mind after reading this article.

In this article, we will look at some of the harmful implications of not taking folic acid while pregnant. Folic acid deficiency has been shown to have negative consequences on the unborn baby rather than the pregnant woman.

1. Spina Bifida

This is a medical disease that occurs when an unborn baby's vertebral column does not fully close during growth in the womb of the mother, leaving the spinal cord open. Because of this condition, the nerves in the legs as well as other organs may not function properly. Children with spinal bifida frequently have several different problems as a result of their condition, and some are operated on multiple times. Fortunately, this disease can be avoided if the pregnant woman consumes adequate folic acid on a regular basis.

2. Anencephaly

Another issue that may result from a lack of folic acid in infants is anencephaly. This syndrome occurs when all or most of the brain and skull do not form in the womb. Babies born with this disease either die shortly after birth maybe before birth. So, regardless of what you believe, it is essential for all women to take folic acid.


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Spina Bifida


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