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"Even When You Are Angry, Don't Verbalize Negative Opinions On Your Kids" - Reno Omokri

Most parents are fond of using abusive and negative words on their kids, and this is so bad on the growing up and affects them mentally and spiritually. You don't expect to use words like criminals, dull heads, and likes on your kids and accept them not to accept them into their thoughts and minds. This is what the activist and lawyer, Reno Omokri is trying to educate parents about.

According to him, he said, "you are the one person whose opinion matters to your kids more than anybody else." This is so true as your kids look up to you as their parents and guidance. When you verbally use negative opinions or words on them due to anger, they take it up and pass it on.

That's why most children go to school and use such words on other children. Most times your child becomes stubborn and dull because of your opinion as a parent. Reno Omokri speaking in this has said, "those kids will believe the negative opinion you said about them and it will become their destiny."

However, see the full reads, screenshots, and mixed reactions caused by the tweet shared by Reno Omokri via his official Twitter handle below:

"You are the one person whose opinion matters to your kids more than anybody. Even when you are angry, don’t verbalize negative opinions on your kids. They will believe it and it will be their destiny. Even when angry, say 'you this useful child'

According to Reno Omokri, he has said even if when you are angry just say "you this useful child." This is how it should be a parent, using the right words on your kids is a blessing to their lives. Words are powerful and spiritual and should be used carefully especially as a parent. When you realize a negative word towards your kids, the move with them spiritually and affect their destiny too.

That's why Reno Omokri has advised and educated parents to rather call their kids useful kids than the other way round, and in my opinion, he is right for sharing this truth. What do you think of this tweet shared by Reno Omokri?

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