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Pregnancy period

7 Things A Man Should Not Allow His Wife To Do When Heavily Pregnant

Every man should take good care of his pregnant wife because it's not easy to carry another living creature in the womb. Below are 7 things every man should avoid doing to his woman, once she is heavily pregnant.

1. Never Make Her Sad.

Every pregnant woman needs to stay happy always, as it help her health positively and also help in the well growth of her baby. Men should never allow their pregnant wives to stay sad for a long time. Always make sure to resolve issues, and make her happy during her pregnancy period.

2. Don't Allow Her to Sleep Late At Night.

Every pregnant woman needs a complete rest every day, as it also help her health and the baby. Never let your pregnant wife to stay awake late at night, regardless of what she's doing at the moment, send her to bed once it's 8-8:30pm, so she can have a quality sleep.

3. Avoid Beating Your Pregnant Wife.

Never raise your hands on your pregnant woman because beating her up will either affect the baby or herself. So avoid putting the lives of your unborn kid in danger by beating your pregnant wife.

4. Never let her do all the house chores alone (especially the heavy works).

Once your woman is heavily pregnant, her duties at home should be reduced, especially the heavy duties. All the usual home chores she does before, should be reduced once she is heavily pregnant. Support her as the man in some duties, and let her do the easier ones if necessary. 

5. Never Shout or Yelling at her.

Raising your voice at your pregnant wife can lead her to a sad mood, which is not good for her health. 

6. Never Allow Her to drink Alcohol & smoke.

We all are aware of what smoking and drinking of alcohol does to the body, so once your wife is pregnant, she should stay far away from drinking and smoking if she wants to have a healthy baby. 

7. Never Allow Your Pregnant Wife to sleep on an empty stomach.

A pregnant woman needs to always eat good foods because the baby also needs food for healthy growth. Always make sure your pregnant wife is well feed before going to bed. 

All men should pay full attention to the above listed, once their woman is pregnant, so your woman can stay healthy and also give birth to a healthy baby. 

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