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Pregnancy period

How to maintain a good pregnancy posture

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During pregnancy, maintaining a good posture is very important because it helps minimize aches and pain and also reduce the strain on your back at the same time.

Here are tips on how to maintain a good posture during pregnancy

1 Standing posture

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To maintain a good standing posture during pregnancy, make sure your head, neck, and back are on a straight line and ensure that your shoulders are relaxed, keep both feet pointed in the same direction and evenly distribute your weight. This will help your body prevent straining.

2 Sitting posture

Photo Credit: Bright side

When you sit, ensure that your shoulders are pushed back and your spine should be straight. Also make sure your bottom is in contact with the seat's back you can use a rolled-up towel to support the curve of your back. When standing up from a seated posture, walk to the front of the seat, straighten your legs slowly, and stand up.

3 Driving posture

Photo Credit: Naija car news

When you are driving, use back support and make sure your knees are at least as high as your hips and make sure your tummy is at least 10 inches away from the steering wheel by adjusting your seat. You must also ensure that your feet should be able to reach the brakes with ease.

4 Sleeping posture

Photo Credit: Healthline

During pregnancy, lying on your back or stomach can cause strain on your back and heart while also decreasing blood supply to the placenta. Which is why laying on your side is the perfect sleeping posture because it promotes blood flow to your key organs and your unborn child.

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