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How to deal with a toddler's diaper-changing-tantrums

One of the most difficult tasks for parents is changing diapers. The duty may appear simple at first, but the actual difficulty arises when your child starts to roll or crawl and refuses to stay still and runs away from you. Children can tell whether you are rushing or enjoying a chore, so use affirmative phrases and humor to help them see diaper changing as an enjoyable activity.

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A simple diaper change becomes a tug-of-war between you and your child when he or she becomes an opinionated and on-the-go toddler. It's because he then begins to reject everything that causes him to remain still. Make the routine enjoyable for your infant by turning it into a game.

Here are tips to help you avoid tantrums when changing your baby

1 Inform beforehand

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You should treat your infant as an individual from the start, giving him plenty of attention and space. It would be inappropriate to simply scoop him into your arms and begin doing things with him, as this is what happens when a toddler resists a diaper change. You must establish trust with your child by keeping him completely informed about your plans. 

2 Have a good time

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You get to spend one-on-one time with your kid when you change his or her diaper. You may make the most of it by occasionally having some fun by blowing on your baby's tummy or tickling and playing with him. Play games with him and ask him to point out different parts of his body or colors in his environment to occupy his attention.

3 Use distractions

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You might choose a few special toys that your baby enjoys and keep them separate from the rest of your toys for diaper change time. Avoid handing him your phone, keys, or anything else that he might inadvertently throw and damage, give him something that lights up or makes a noise instead because when your baby is busy playing and studying his toy, changing his diaper will become easy.

4 Sing 

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You're probably aware of your baby's musical preferences. You can prepare ahead of time by humming the tune your child enjoys listening to. This will divert his attention away from them and make them smile and even make him look forward to the upcoming diaper changes.

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