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Opinion: The most important thing you must do for your daughter before she marries

Parenting is defined as the process of promotion and support for the physical, emotional, social and intellectual development of a child from early childhood to adulthood. In psychology, the parental role is not limited to helping a child develop by supporting him from infancy, it is also the subtleties of raising a child and not exclusively for a biological relationship. You might be a parent and the wrong one. The quality of a good parent, particularly for a female child, cannot be overestimated; they are, but not restricted to the following.

  1. Ability to express love : Expressing love to one’s child take vulnerability, it takes practice and motherly love expands as she expressed them. It is therefore very pertinent that you often say this to make you love more, the more you express the love by saying it and showing it, the more you love your children.
  2. Availability: A good parent should always be available to support the child's well-being. A good parent needs to be consistent and persevering in order to make the best of the child. Children always need encouragement, they are always there to make the media hype. Make yourselves available to your child and you will see how charming they could be..
  3. Listening Ears: In order to be a good parent to these kids, you have to listen to everything they have to say. Parents are the most reliable thing children might talk about when you make yourself available to listen to them, you are striving to be a good parent and this will go a long way in keeping your parent-child relationship active.
  4. Patience: Because they are children, they don't know much about almost everything, so be patient while they grow up. They would actually provoke anger and do many things unduly, but a good parent neglects all their errors with patience.
  5. Care: The most significant role a parent plays in a child's life is caregiving. When you truly take care of your children, you do this to let them know that they can always come to you. This quality places you in a position of God in their lives, they come to you for whatever they need or have to say. Be sure to take care of your children.

Before your daughter's marriage age, in this age of dispensation, the best you can ever do for your female child is to show her care. Put all her responsibilities upon you as a parent and that will go a long way to help her not to miss her steps. In today's world, parents are not responsible for the upkeep of their mature daughters, which makes them look for other means..

Commit to helping your female children today, take care of them until they reach the age of marriage. May the Lord help you to do your best as a parent. Finally, do not forget that the male child also needs your care, take care of them. Have a wonderful day

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