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7 Do's & Don'ts A Man Above 40 Years Should Do To Improve His Fertility

Fertility changes with age and is extremely common in men too. Just like women age, men age too, affecting their fertility rate.

Today, fertility-related issues are becoming more common because of a variety of reasons, many couples wait until their late 30s to begin their families. 

 The decline in male fertility is way more subtle to as when it happens to women.

These factors throw light on how age affects fertility in men too and can add to the risk of miscarriages.  

Increasing age allows a greater duration of exposure to disease, stress, negative lifestyle choices (e.g, smoking), and genetic changes. 

Studies have shown that if the paternal age is over 40, there might be a slight increase in pregnancy outcome risk. However, the risk of miscarriage & other poor birth outcomes is lower than that observed with advanced maternal age. 

If you are 40 years and above and you are planning to have a baby here’s what you should do:   


1. Have a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index).

2. Doing regular physical activity.  Example: walking, jogging, cycling etc.

3. Eating a healthy & balanced diet which is rich in antioxidants (green vegetables, citrus fruits, tomatoes, cabbage, nuts, beans, legumes, whole grains, fish, seafoods etc).

4. Prevent infections by maintaining monogamous relationship.  

5. Get enough sleep.  

6. Wear loose fitting underwear.

7. Semen freezing before undergoing chemotherapy & radiation therapy for cancer patients. 


1. Stop Smoking it is associated with low sp*rm count. 

2. Limit alcohol: It can lead to low concentration and morphology in s*men.  

3. Reduce intake of caffeine.

4.  Taking Steroids for testosterone levels can even lead to complete shutdown of testicular functions. 

Cocaine, marijuana, lowers count, motility & morphology of sp*rms.  

5. Avoid using lubricants during s*x.  

6. Reduce exposure to stress. It decreases the s*xual function.  

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