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Pregnancy period

Causes of still birth in pregnancy

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Pregnancy comes with some unusual challenges which make many expectant women very eager to meet their baby. However, things can sometimes take an unforeseen turn resulting in issues that need the assistance of a skilled obstetrician. Some problems can be overcome by sheer effort, while there may be serious difficulties that result in the baby's death before or after delivery, resulting in stillbirth.

Stillbirth is a life-changing event for a mother, not only physically but also emotionally. Expectant moms may experience depression and take time to recover because they have little or no control over stillbirth. Knowing the causes of stillbirth may aid them in recovering faster and preparing for a future pregnancy.

Here are reasons why stillbirth occurs in pregnancy

1 Birth defects

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Stillbirth is caused by a variety of factors, including birth abnormalities. These flaws may not show up or become noticeable until the child is born and they are usually discovered in the autopsy.

2 Placental or Umbilical Cord-Related Complications

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The placenta and the umbilical cord provide basic life support to your baby while he is in your womb. However, if one or both of these organs malfunction and fail to deliver nutrition to your developing fetus, it results in stillbirth.

3 Infection

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Stillbirth can sometimes be caused by infections in the placenta, the fetus, or the mother. The majority of stillbirths due to infection occur before week 24 of pregnancy.

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