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Parents take note: Stop using Cotton buds to clean your child's ear, Here is why

Having that brown oily liquid clogged up in the ear can be very discomforting and most times embarrassing as most people see it as an indication of unhygienic dispositions.

It is even scarier when you see that pus-like discharge oozing out of your child’s ear.

However, don’t be tempted to use hydrogen peroxide to wash the ear, this practice can rupture the human ear drum. Also, using a Q-tip or Cotton bud or Ear swabs to clean the ear is none the wiser.

Surprisingly, the ear is self-cleansing and does not require any form of washing up except in crucial cases. The liquid that is sometimes noticed in the ear, acts as a lubricant. It also aids in percolating dust/sand particles that may try to get into the ear, thereby shielding the ear drum.

Relatively, it is true that the accumulation of those fat filaments in the ear can cause temporary deafness but this condition is not very common, thus, using those buds are not routinely advised.

Now, since the accumulation of excess wax can occur and can still cause temporary deafness, questions like "what can be done to ensure maintenance?" arise but the best way to handle this is to leave the ear that way.

As a rule of thumb, if there happen to be any ear complications, visiting a Doctor is a better solution to inserting foreign object in the ear, all in an effort to clean it.

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