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Signs That Indicate A Man May Have Medical Issues That Causes Infertility

Do you know that there are certain signs that show a man has certain health issues that causes infertility? Infertility is a sad situation whereby a man or woman cannot give rise to younger ones. But for the purpose of this article, it means a situation whereby a man's sperm cells cannot really fertilize an egg thus leading to a hopeless situation of being unable to give birth to younger ones.

In as much as infertility is hugely undetectable unless the semen is subjected to an analysis, there are certain signs that show a man may have medical issues that causes infertility. So in this article in line with a publication on Mayo Clinic, we are going to have a look at some of the signs that show a man has some medical issues that could hinder fertility.

What Are These Signs?

1. Problems with intimacy - some men experience issues with as low drive for Copulation, issues with attaining an erection and many other issues that affect the smooth flow of intimacy. While these could be mere behavioral traits or preferences, in some cases it could be due to hormonal issues and this same hormones are hugely responsible for fertility and giving rise to younger ones.

2. Decreased facial or body hair - this is another subtle indication that a man is dealing with health related issues that could hinder fertility.

3. Pain or unusual swelling in the testicle area - this is often due to varicocele; a condition that leads to lower sperm quality and issues with fertility due to the belief that the enlarged veins cause heat to the cells thus leading to problems with sperm production. Though it has not been fully proven to be a major cause of infertility, it is worthy of consideration. Make sure you see a doctor if you notice unusual swelling in this part of the body.

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